exponential growth

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log·a·rith·mic phase

exponential, a period in the course of growth of a bacterial culture in which maximal multiplication is occurring by geometric progression; thus, if the logarithms of their numbers are plotted against time, they will form a straight upward line.
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The profits realized by the pickpocket and the potential for harm to the victim increases exponentially if the victim's personal identifying information is used to commit identity theft.
"With companies progressively incorporating the Internet as part of regular business practices, and centralizing transaction processing, the economic damage from a significant disruption in operations, lost revenue and reputation at stake increases exponentially," said Martha Gilbertson, vice president of product management at Digex.
And when employees are on the road, the threat increases exponentially.
Now, as connectivity increases with the Internet, and computer power increases exponentially, more and more weight accumulates on the right.
As the information increases exponentially, Kapor predicts that customers will be willing to pay to support full-time editors for personal electronic newsletters.
As the military's need for situational awareness grows, demand for NGA's products increases exponentially. For example, the Army's Future Combat System is expected to require substantial amounts of detailed geospatial intelligence.
NEED-TO-KNOW: Military planners understand that the risk of leaks increases exponentially with the number of people who have information.
They also find that the probability of the channel being open increases exponentially with the square of the membrane tension applied.
For example, because there are multiple vendors supplying the different components of a SAN, the complexity of implementation and troubleshooting increases exponentially. Most 112 managers want to purchase "best of breed" components for specialized storage needs and rarely do these come from one supplier.