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1. the union of one substance with another, or with others, in a composite mass.
2. an unconscious defense mechanism in which a person figuratively ingests the psychic representation of another person, or parts of another person.
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1. Act or process of determining classification or nature of.
2. A sense of oneness, or psychic continuity with another person or group; one of the freudian defense mechanisms common to everyone, whereby anxiety regarding one's personal identity or worth is dissipated through the mechanism of perceiving oneself as having characteristics in common with a person in the public eye, or in childhood identifying with a more powerful person such as a parent.
Synonym(s): incorporation
[Mediev. L. identicus, fr. L. idem, the same, + facio, to make]
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The consortium is working with the licence pre-grant requirements, including the formation of an incorporated company with the other shareholders as specified in the fixed licence application procedures issued by ictQATAR.
The Consortium is working with the licence pre-grant requirements, including the formation of an incorporated company with the other shareholders, as specified in the Fixed Licence Application Procedures issued by ictQATAR, the statement said.
Beacon became an incorporated company in August, according to records filed with the Oregon Secretary of State.
If you operate as an incorporated company, you would have to file a separate tax return for the corporation and would almost certainly have an accountant or other financial professional involved in that process.
The Flavia Beverage System, a registered trademark of MasterfoodsUSA, a Mars, Incorporated company, is found in more than 55,000 offices, sports and entertainment venues, upscale retailers and other outlets worldwide.
Celebrating its 30th birthday as an incorporated company this year, Rees Astley employs 28 staff and services Mid Wales and the borders through its offices in Aberystwyth, Newtown and Oswestry.
The venture has been put together by Namibia incorporated company Afhold, headed up by metallurgical expert Aiden Edwards.
Experian intends to update Corporate Researcher monthly with newly incorporated company names, addresses and the latest financial accounts.
Wingate Inns, an HFS Incorporated company, is one of the largest franchisers of hotels in the world.
A Gibraltar incorporated company or a registered branch of an overseas incorporated company may apply for registration under the Companies (Taxation and Concessions) Ordinance.

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