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1. the union of one substance with another, or with others, in a composite mass.
2. an unconscious defense mechanism in which a person figuratively ingests the psychic representation of another person, or parts of another person.
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1. Act or process of determining classification or nature of.
2. A sense of oneness, or psychic continuity with another person or group; one of the freudian defense mechanisms common to everyone, whereby anxiety regarding one's personal identity or worth is dissipated through the mechanism of perceiving oneself as having characteristics in common with a person in the public eye, or in childhood identifying with a more powerful person such as a parent.
Synonym(s): incorporation
[Mediev. L. identicus, fr. L. idem, the same, + facio, to make]
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It said the newly incorporated companies have also been issued Tax Deduction Account Number ( TAN) along with PAN as the CBDT has tied up with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA) under which companies can submit a common application form.
It has written to the senior stewards of the incorporated companies of the Freemen.
Thanks to more than 60 years of experience and constant research, quality and performance of its machines and the excellent service to its customers, today REGGIANI MACCHINE (with its incorporated companies JMT and Mezzera) is definitely one of the leading manufacturers of textile printing machines that better represents the "Made in Italy" success all around the world.

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