earnings report

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earnings report,

n a statement issued by a company showing its earnings or losses over a given period. The earnings report lists the income earned, expenses, and net result. Also called
income statement.
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The Households Below Average Income report follows on from the Northern Ireland Poverty Bulletin released earlier in the year, providing a more detailed analysis of income and poverty in Northern Ireland.
There are areas in both the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors where members of the public may view income reports.
White's report, Bank Holding Company Insurance & Investment Fee Income Report for Year End 2004.
The Blue Chip & Income Report is a web-based newsletter, providing commentary on the world's markets and economies.
41 million yen in 2006, up 90,000 yen from the previous year for the second consecutive rise, despite a reduction of 50,000 yen in their annual salaries as lawmakers, according to their official income reports released Monday.