suprascapular notch

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su·pra·scap·u·lar notch

a notch on the superior border of the scapula through which the suprascapular nerve passes.
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At the level of scapular collar (collum scapulae), the scapular notch is formed by the cranial margin namely incisura scapulae. The prominent supraglenoid tubercle (tuberculum supraglenoidalis) in the present observation is projected cranially and distal to the incisura scapulae which was similar and dissimilar with horse and cattle respectively (Sisson et al.).
1 = Scapular collar (Collum scapulae), 2 = Incisura scapulae, 3 = Supraglenoid tubercle (Tuberculum supraglenoidalis), 4= Cranial and caudal subscapular fossa (Fossa subscapularis) and 5 = Facies serrata.