suprasternal notch

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jugular notch of sternum

the large notch in the superior margin of the sternum.
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suprasternal notch

An indentation of the upper face of the manubrium of the sternum between the clavicular notches.
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A deep indentation or narrow gap in the edge of a structure. Synonym: incisure

acetabular notch

The notch in the inferior border of the acetabulum.

antegonial notch

A depression in the inferior border of the mandible at the anterior edge of the insertion of the masseter muscle.

aortic notch

The notch in a sphygmogram caused by rebound at the aortic valve closure.

cardiac notch

The concavity on the anterior border of the left lung into which the heart projects.

cardial notch

The angle or indentation on the top of the stomach between its orifice (the cardia) and its fundus.

cerebellar notch

Either of two deep notches (anterior and posterior) separating the hemispheres of the cerebellum.

clavicular notch

A notch at the upper angle of the sternum with which the clavicle articulates.

costal notch

Any of seven pairs of indentations on the lateral surfaces of the sternum, for articulation with costal cartilages.

ethmoidal notch

The notch separating the two orbital portions of the frontal bone.

frontal notch

The notch on the supraorbital arch that transmits the frontal artery and nerve.

greater sciatic notch

A large notch on the posterior border of the hip bone between the posterior inferior iliac spine and the spine of the ischium.

interclavicular notch

A rounded notch at the top of the manubrium of the sternum between the surfaces articulating with the clavicles.

jugular notch (of occipital bone)

A notch that forms the posterior and middle portions of the jugular foramen.

jugular notch (of sternum)

A notch on the upper surface of the manubrium of the anterior superior chest between the two clavicular notches.
Synonym: sternal notch; suprasternal notch

labial notch

A notch in the labial flange of a denture at the point where it crosses the frenum.

lesser sciatic notch

A notch immediately below the spine of the ischium on the posterior border of the hip bone, which is converted into a foramen by the sacrotuberous ligament.

mandibular notch

A notch on the superior border of the ramus of the mandible separating the coronoid and condyloid processes.

manubrial notch

A depression on the superior edge of the sternum.

nasal notch

1. A deep notch on the anterior surface of the maxilla, forming the lateral border of the piriform aperture.
2. A notch between the internal angular processes of the frontal bone.

pancreatic notch

A notch on the lateral surface of the head of the pancreas for the superior mesenteric artery and vein. It separates the uncinate process of the head from the remaining portion.

parotid notch

The space between the ramus of the mandible and the mastoid process of the temporal bone.

radial notch

A notch on the lateral surface of the coronoid process of the ulna for receiving the circumference of the head of the radius.

notch of Rivinus

See: Rivinus' incisure

scapular notch

A deep notch on the superior border of the scapula that transmits the suprascapular nerve.

semilunar notch

A notch on the anterior aspect of the proximal end of the ulna for articulation with the trochlea of the humerus.
Synonym: trochlear notch

sphenopalatine notch

A notch between the orbital and sphenoidal processes of the palatine bone.

sternal notch

Jugular notch (of sternum).

superior thyroid notch

Thyroid notch.

suprasternal notch

Jugular notch (of sternum).

tentorial notch

An arched cavity in the free border of the tentorium cerebelli through which the brainstem passes.

thyroid notch

A notch on the superior border of the thyroid cartilage of the larynx that separates the two laminae.
Synonym: superior thyroid notch See: thyroid cartliage

trochlear notch

Semilunar notch..

tympanic notch

The notch in the upper part of the tympanic portion of the temporal bone.

ulnar notch

The notch on the distal end of the radius that receives the head of the ulna.

umbilical notch

A notch on the anterior border of the liver where it is crossed by the falciform ligament.

vertebral notch

A concavity on the inferior surface of the vertebral arch for transmission of a spinal nerve.
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