Incidental Finding

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An per chance-discovery in a patient which may warrant further investigation
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They failed to identify any cause for the patients symptoms, but they did demonstrate an incidental finding of a 2.
A barium meal examination was normal apart from the incidental finding of a number of calcifications in the liver, predominantly in the right upper quadrant, and a few in the mid-abdominal area.
Learning from this incidental finding also informs considerations that may come into play in the event that one of the epinephrine products is back-ordered.
As a medical technology, genomics has similar challenges that have been seen before with whole-body CT scanning: diagnostic utility, incidental finding, and cost-effectiveness.
In fact, the bioethics report said that at trauma centers, these high-powered scans that aim to find subtle injuries instead are more likely to make an incidental finding.
After re-discussion at our multi-disciplinary meeting it was felt that on balance the liver lesions were an incidental finding and in view of his age, presentation and imaging he most likely had a small pancreatic carcinoma.
Blue nevus is the commonest melanocytic lesion arising in the prostate that is usually an incidental finding on transurethral resection for benign prostatic hypertrophy or at autopsy.
The slight increase in incidence of these tumours in rats fed aspartame is considered to be an incidental finding of the ERF study and can therefore be dismissed.
Incidental finding of tumoral neovascularization from RCA and/or left circumflex coronary arteries can be a hint for an asymptomatic myxoma; or less commonly an organised intracardiac thrombus during coronary angiography in evaluation of coronary artery diseases.
Most of the time, it appears as a benign incidental finding at endoscopy such as erosions, ulcerations, cystic dilations of the glands, fibrosis, intestinal metaplasia or angiodysplasia.
An 82-year-old man was referred for urologic assessment following an incidental finding of new right-sided hydroureteronephrosis seen on an abdominal computed tomography (CT) scan performed for unrelated reasons (Fig.
In our earlier review of 30 TNEs, we found that nearly 50% of patients had an incidental finding, including esophagitis and Barrett esophagus (the two most common diagnoses).