Incidental Finding

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An per chance-discovery in a patient which may warrant further investigation
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Both ACMG and the Association of Molecular Pathology have published guidelines for reporting additional incidental findings.
An incidental finding (IF) in a healthy volunteer in research is a "finding that concerns an individual research subject which has potential health or reproductive importance and is discovered during the course of conducting research but is beyond the aims of the study".
Most are asymptomatic and are an incidental finding on routine spinal imaging.
Giant loose peritoneal bodies or "peritoneal mice" are very rare, often presenting as incidental findings during surgery or post mortem.
However, incidental finding of thymic carcinoma during heart surgery is possible due to a great variety in clinical presentations [2, 6, 11].
Most cases were diagnosed postoperatively even were incidental finding on surgical specimens without any relative clinical presentation.
In fact, the bioethics report said that at trauma centers, these high-powered scans that aim to find subtle injuries instead are more likely to make an incidental finding.
Lobular carcinoma in situ, when compared to DCIS, rarely is identified with a palpable lesion clinically, rarely is identified on mammography or by gross pathological examination, and is almost always an incidental finding on core or excisional breast biopsy for evaluation of another lesion (Bland, 2011).
Unerupted, impacted third molars occur in 20-30% of the population (1) and are most commonly noticed as a incidental finding on OPG rather than a patient presenting with symptoms.
Most cases, hypertension tends to be discovered as an incidental finding.
Remarkable (showing an incidental finding that was benign) resulting in reassurance and no additional evaluation