Incidental Finding

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An per chance-discovery in a patient which may warrant further investigation
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PLSVC represents the congenital remnant of the vein of Marshall, which fails to regress during embryological development.5 The condition is mostly asymptomatic and may be an incidental finding. In 92% of individuals, the draining site is the right atrium via CS, while in others (8%) it drains into left atrium giving rise to right to left shunt which is not large enough to cause symptoms or cyanosis.
Conclusion: Fatty liver is a frequently found incidental finding on ultrasound.
Most coronary anomalies are detected as incidental findings during CAG.
Adults with malrotation are usually asymptomatic and generally have incidental findings when imaged for other indications.
However, this has led to inconsistencies regarding next steps and discussion of whether there is clinical utility in disclosing incidental findings. In a survey of over 300 genetic counselors, 95% were aware that NIPT could detect maternal cancer (13).
We describe perianal comedones as a rare incidental finding. This report serves to provide reassurance of the benignity of the lesion which is not necessarily related to medication use or other gastrointestinal disease.
In 75% of all cases a PLSSVC is an incidental finding. This might be due to the fact that, in 80-92% of all patients, the vein drains without haemodynamic relevance into the coronarysinus [3].
(114) A doctor that has discovered an incidental finding should be required to inform the patient of the need to inform their insurance company, thus strengthening the doctor-patient relationship.
Tissue, DNA and data stored within biorepositories often end up as a sample within a research project that produces an incidental finding. Incidental findings are results unrelated to the primary focus of the study but which may be significant for the individual's health.
Infections varied in severity from an incidental finding to severe debilitation and death.
According to a survey at radiology department, out of 50 patients, who presented for ultrasound abdomen and diagnosed to have fatty liver, 38 patients were diagnosed with the fatty liver as asymptomatic incidental finding and 12 patients were symptomatic.
An incidental finding (IF) in a healthy volunteer in research is a "finding that concerns an individual research subject which has potential health or reproductive importance and is discovered during the course of conducting research but is beyond the aims of the study".