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In experimental psychology, an object or goal of motivated behavior.
[LL. incentivus, provocative]
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Any stimulus that encourages a desired response. Incentives may be provided to patients (e.g., to ensure adherence to treatment plans), to practitioners (e.g., to improve productivity or job performance), or to students (e.g., to improve grades).

financial incentive

A cash payment made to a patient who achieves a health-related goal such as sustaining a weight loss over a 6-month period or maintaining abstinence from a toxic substance.
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Further, locators are required to submit on time fiscal and performance reports to the Peza in order to continue availing themselves of incentives, Plaza added.
Mr Talukder further said as per the latest decision, medical equipment exporters will get 10 per cent cash incentives, and products made of intestines, arteries and horns will also get 10 per cent incentives subject to proper verification.
'To put things in the right perspective, the P1.12 trillion that we gave away in incentives over that three-year period is over twice the 2019 budget of the Department of Public Works and Highways,' which amounted to P549.4 billion, Chua said.
And why do politicians herald these incentives rather than hide them?
"So our question is, why are we supporting certain firms if they are inherently profitable and they pay even more dividends than the incentives they receive?
"For Felda, we have agreed to provide Raya incentive which will cost us RM50 million paid from government allocations.
Those projects will be entitled with fiscal incentives such as three-year tax holiday on business tax and two-year tax holiday on real property tax.
"Meetings & Incentives Worldwide is honored to be named to the CMI 25 for the seventh consecutive year," said Jean Johnson, CMP, President and CEO.
Despite the widespread use of the tax incentive as an inducement to expand or build in a particular region, a majority of these incentives go unclaimed each year.