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Promoting or accelerating the granulation of a wound.
Synonym(s): incarnative
[L. incarno, fr. in + caro (carn-), flesh]
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At the same time, the view of the City wearing the beauty of the morning "like a garment" recalls Wordsworth's warning: unlike representational language, incarnative language is "not what the garb is to the body but what the body is to the soul." This alerts the reader to the operative negativity in the octave.
Mute representation transforms into an incarnative exclamation, "Dear God!", which brings (or which endeavors to bring) divine presence into the poem as a result of the speaker's newly asserted self-awareness.
Warren's view of language as incarnative in no way discounts the gap between "fallen" language and essence.
Because of his recognition of the distinction between finitude and fault, however, Warren avoids such extremes of poststructuralist thought as the idea that language cannot at all express an extralinguistic reality and the even more extreme position that language creates reality, that "the world of words creates the world of things."(29) The linguistic symbol, for Warren, is, like everything human, subject to "original sin." But for all its flaws, language can express an extralinguistic reality through the incarnative nature of the symbol.