coefficient of relationship

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co·ef·fi·cient of re·la·tion·ship

the probability that a gene present in one mate is also present in the other and is derived from the same source.
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The 1993 sex-ratio bottleneck would not have increased the inbreeding coefficient in the low [N.
rhoadsi, the inbreeding coefficient of the dam, as well as of the (potential) litter, negatively impacts RS.
Equation (4) is an exact recurrence equation for inbreeding coefficient in a population with temporal variations in census size and selfing proportion.
According to standard theory, the amount of additive genetic variance within lines should be equivalent to the amount of additive genetic variance in the outbred population times the inbreeding coefficient of the inbred line relative to that outbred population (Falconer 1981).
An overall increasing trend did exist in the inbreeding coefficient for Adani dairy goat, since 2008.
In this study, the inbreeding coefficient was higher in the HIV-negative control group, the present data suggesting that the risk of HIV-1 infection decreased as a function of inbreeding coefficient ([Chi.
43%) were found inbred (756 females and 10 sires) with average inbreeding coefficient 5.
Sample size (n), average number of alleles (A), allelic richness (Ar; based on 24 individuals), observed heterozygosity (Ho), expected heterozygosity (He), inbreeding coefficient ([F.
In this bromeliad population a mean inbreeding coefficient showed a deficiency of heterozygotes (FIS = 0.
Estimation of Inbreeding Coefficient in Registered Brown Swiss Bulls of Peru, Year 2003
2006) have questioned the usefulness of heterozygosity estimates as measures of the inbreeding coefficient (f) and confirm that f and heterozygosity are poorly correlated in a wild and highly inbred Scandinavian wolf population (Canis lupus).