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rescission (ri·siˑ·zhn),

n the termination of a contract, either by a party legally entitled to do so or by court order.
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In doing so, inadequate consideration was given to some of the risks of these differing practices and of operating functions from several different offices across Wales.
Supervisors and examiners are instructed to be alert to indications of an institution's insufficiently rigorous risk assessment, such as (1) an excessive reliance on strong economic conditions and robust financial markets (for example, borrowers whose financial capacity is inadequate to service their debts without access to capital markets on favorable terms); (2) an inadequate consideration of stress testing; or (3) a weakening of key internal controls in the lending process.
Another example of this historical-scholarly bias is the inadequate consideration of U.
The TAM Accords Inadequate Consideration To The Prior Purchase
The tax would apply to two types of transactions: 1) the payment of unreasonable compensation by an organization, or a non-fair-market-value transfer in which an insider pays inadequate consideration for property transferred, leased, licensed, or loaned by the organization, or 2) excessive consideration paid by the organization for property transferred, leased, licensed, or loaned by the insider.
a one-size fits all approach, with inadequate consideration of the client s needs and circumstances and alternative strategies/asset allocation, with a lack of diversification, and
You must explain why you have chosen to implement uncosted, unpopular, ineffective and undemocratic reforms with undue haste and inadequate consideration, why you have chosen to spend half a billion pounds to take half a step backwards," he told Mr Clarke.
It also said the council gave inadequate consideration to the impact of the development on Mr Morgan's property, which included failing to advise planning committee members properly of all the considerations.
1) The former governs payments to a non-resident person with whom a Canadian taxpayer was not dealing at arm's length;(2) the latter, inadequate consideration paid to a Canadian taxpayer in the same circumstances.