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an amount more than is normal or necessary.
fluid volume excess excess fluid volume.
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That which is more than the usual or specified amount.
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(XS) (ek'ses)
That which is more than the usual or specified amount.
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Patient discussion about excess

Q. what do we need to do to burn excess fat from the body? Can anyone suggest particular exercise for burning excess fat from the body? and how to make six bag abs?

A. doing regular work outs and having a balanced nutrition will help your muscles to develop. muscles get bigger after they have been used repetitively over a certain period of time. that meant they will burn more energy while working and even while resting. then your fat layer will shrink over the time.

Q. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling? I am 34 and my skin looks much older. My facial skin is sagging. It is also very dry and dull. My face glow has reduced. Couple of years back I was healthy and I had a glowing skin and a very bright face. I have used some of the cosmetics but in vain and it exceeds my budget too. So I thought to try for good diet pattern to support my skin clarity. What diet should I take on to reduce this excessive wrinkling?

A. recovering damaged skin and collagen is not likely...sorry..but you can avoid more damage by doing a very simple thing- USE SUNBLOCK!!!
the most damaging thing to our skin is sun radiation. all those creams that supposedly protect your skin and revitalizing it- are much less affective then just using simple sun block.

Q. My child loves spinach and demands them a lot I wanted to know is there any problem to have them in excess?

A. HELL NO! REWARD THE HELL OUT OF HIM FOR EATING IT! You may also want to tweak it further by introducing him to other healthy dark green leafys like collards, kale, red Swiss chard which he might think is cool to look at; its actually similar in taste to spinach just less bitter! Good for you!

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The provision upon which Geico relies, however, is not a specific limitation on the power and authority of the arbitrator to make an award in excess of the policy's limits.
(78) Id.;, see also Teigen, 367 N.W.2d at 808 (discussing the terms of a partial settlement agreement in which plaintiff agreed not to pursue the defendant for claims in excess of the defendant's primary and excess coverage limits).
The mother needs a very accurate (and rather expensive) scale for this, since as little as five grams (less than one-fifth of an ounce) in excess can mean dangerous overfeeding, leading to obesity and ultimately to soft-headedness.
The company will indemnify the insured for ultimate net loss in excess of the applicable underlying limit which the insured shall become legally obligated to pay as damages because of Personal Injury, Property Damage, or Advertising Offenses to which this policy applies, caused by an occurrence anywhere in the world ...
And the end of 2002 will see diesel cars reach a market penetration in excess of 40pc, says the latest report from Ricardo, an independent car technology provider.
by spending in excess of $10 million ins capital and tenant improvements.
"The result is that, together with the general and special damages, the claimant has made a total recovery in excess of pounds 1.65 million in respect of the defendant's unlawful conduct."
Started in 1972 and updated every two weeks with over 1,400 records, the Rapra Abstracts database is the world's premier bibliographic database for the rubber, plastics and polymeric composites industries, and currently contains in excess of 670,000 records.
Minnesota's no-fault law was amended in 1994 to specifically provide that a permissive driver's own policy is in excess to the owner's policy.
There is, however, a Microsoft Excel limit, in excess of 5,000, on the number of elements that may be exported from an array function, thereby limiting the volume of data that can be handled in some cases.
your insurer refuses to settle, you are subjected to a trial and the verdict is far in excess of your policy limits, or damages are not covered by your policy, or your insurer failed to properly protect your interests.
A plaintiff who prevails on an assigned bad faith claim against the insurer may be able to recover full compensation in excess of the defendant's liability coverage limits.