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intravenous; see also under injection.


Abbreviation for intravenous; intraventricular.



IV 1

An apparatus for providing intravenous injections.

IV 2

1. intravenous
2. intravenously


1 abbreviation for intravenous or intravenously.
Usage notes: (informal)
equipment consisting of a bottle or bag of fluid, infusion set with tubing, and intravenous catheter, used in intravenous therapy.
3 intravenous administration of fluids or medication by injection into a vein.


Intravenous, also
1. Interventricular.
2. Intervertebral.
3. Intravascular.
4. Intraventricular–cardiology.


Abbreviation for intravenous;




Abbreviation for intravascular; intravenous, intraventricular.

IV, i.v.

intravenous, intravenously.

Patient discussion about IV

Q. My friend told me about bipolar III's and IV's. My friend told me that there are now bipolar III's and IV's. Does anyone know about this?

A. Hi Rohan: if you love too know what the medical staff tells about bipolar disorder and co., you will find a good résumé under this link:

Myself I make no distinctions. It is like you are pregnant or you are not. You can't be half-pregnant!

Your topic-manager for "bipolar disorder"

Q. i just recovered from MRSA my blood pressure is very high is there a coalation between all the IV antibotics I was given the strongest antibiotics through IV and now that I'm home for a week my blood pressure is out of control

A. wow...getting MRSA is not a walk in the park...the treatment is usually with Vancomycin which is a very strong antibiotic that can cause several adverse affects. i know that it cause damage to some blood cells (white, platelets etc.) and can be toxic to the kidney. high blood pressure can indicate kidney problems. in that case you should inform your doctor IMMEDIATELY!

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