Contraceptive Vaccine

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A still-hypothetical vaccine which would stimulate production of antibodies that would bind to and interrupt proteins involved in reproduction
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Of those horses returned to the wild, all of the mares were injected with an immunocontraceptive, Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP), to reduce fertility.
Isolation of human single chain variable fragment antibodies against specific sperm antigens for immunocontraceptive development.
The potential of immunocontraceptive vaccines to control the population of pest animals and wildlife such as foxes, mice, rabbits, African elephants, and white-tailed deer has been investigated (4-6).
Sperm antigens and their use in the development of an immunocontraceptive.
Effective immunocontraceptive vaccines will also be critically dependent on the design of the delivery systems.
Consider the results of a major immunocontraceptive study on Fire Island, New York, where 207 of about 300 does were treated.
Podolski also added, "Zonagen's development of its adjuvant ImmuMAX(TM) is essential to the immunocontraceptive program currently underway at the Company.
The Company's non phentolamine-based product opportunities include two different chitosan-based vaccine adjuvants; zona pellucida and hCG immunocontraceptive vaccines; a therapy for the treatment of genital herpes; and two prostate therapeutic vaccines, one for hormone dependent and the other for hormone independent tumors.
Differential extraction and enrichment of human sperm surface proteins in a proteome: identification of immunocontraceptive candidates.
Zonagen acquired worldwide rights to this technology from its partner in immunocontraceptive research, Reproductive Biotechnologies Pvt.
In previous published studies, a human recombinant zona pellucida immunocontraceptive vaccine consistently induced infertility compared to controls in a primate model without permanent disruption of the normal menstrual cycle.
This adjuvant should provide an excellent vehicle for delivering the Company's long-lasting immunocontraceptive vaccine, now in development, into the human body.