immersion foot

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1. the plunging of a body into a liquid.
2. the use of the microscope with the object and object glass both covered with a liquid.
3. a state of being deeply involved in something.
cultural immersion the process of becoming familiar with a culture by extensive questioning and by active participation in the life of the culture, a technique used in ethnographic research for gaining increased familiarity with language, sociocultural norms, traditions, and other social dimensions in a culture.
immersion foot a condition resembling trench foot occurring in persons who have spent long periods in water.
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im·mer·sion foot

a condition resulting from prolonged exposure to damp and cold; the extremity is initially cold and anesthetic, but on rewarming becomes hyperemic, paresthetic, and hyperhidrotic; recovery is often slow.
Synonym(s): trench foot
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immersion foot

An affliction of sailors who wear cold and damp rubber sea boots for extended periods; the cold induces peripheral vasoconstriction and ischaemia, which, if severe, may require amputation.

Although it is common practice to consider immersion foot synonymous with trench foot, the foot is wetter for a longer period in the latter.
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immersion foot

A form of cold injury resulting from prolonged immersion in cold water. Long-term constriction of the blood vessels results in tissue damage from deprivation of oxygen and nutrition. Permanent loss of sensation and abnormal sensitivity to cold result. In the most severe cases GANGRENE occurs. Also known as trench foot.
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