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AF0150 Imaging An investigational perfluorochemical-based IV contrast to improve ↑ detection of lesions and defects of myocardial perfusion and cardiac function
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The company incorporates the product into its Vascular Encapsulation Sonication Targeting (VESTTM) system that combines three FDA-approved elements: the Imagent drugs, conventional ultrasound, plus an approved cancer drug.
Vesselon will use Imagent to create novel therapeutic complexes in four classes of cancer drugs: cytokines, oncolytic viruses, monoclonal antibodies, and nucleic acid constructs.
"This agreement is important because it allows IMCOR to consider various alternatives for its Imagent asset, including, seeking worldwide licensing partners for the continued development and marketing of Imagent, engaging in a sale of some or all of this asset, or engaging in a merger or other material transaction."
Imagent is used in echocardiography, the most widely used imaging modality to diagnose heart disease.
M2 PHARMA-August 9, 2019-Vesselon acquires oncology drug Imagent