Imclone Systems

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A biopharmaceutical company which developed a portfolio of immunotherapies for colorectal and other cancers; its lead compound, Erbitux, received FDA approval after a Wall Street drama
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Under terms of the agreement, UCB and ImClone Systems will share equally all agreed upon development costs for CDP-791 as well as worldwide profits derived from its commercialization in indications jointly pursued by the parties.
A financial analysis of ImClone Systems is presented in the report which includes a ratio analysis, basic profit and loss analysis, presentation of the company balance sheet, and much more.
ImClone Systems Incorporated is committed to advancing oncology care by developing and commercializing a portfolio of targeted biologic treatments designed to address the medical needs of patients with a variety of cancers.
NEW YORK -- ImClone Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMCL) today announced the commencement of patient treatment in a Phase I clinical trial of its fully human IgG1 monoclonal antibody targeting the platelet derived growth factor receptor alpha (PDGFR[eth]), IMC-3G3, in patients with solid tumors.
My immediate priorities as chairman are to 1) investigate the reasons for why the relationship between ImClone Systems and its partner Bristol-Myers Squibb has seriously deteriorated over the past few years and 2) to act expeditiously to find a qualified CEO with biotechnology experience.
Fischer, Interim Chief Executive Officer of ImClone Systems.
In the short-term, ImClone Systems does not believe that the decision will materially adversely impact its operations, including the sale of ERBITUX(R) in combination with chemotherapy.
ImClone Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMCL) announced today that its Board of Directors has completed a review of the Company's strategic alternatives and has made the decision to remain independent.
NEW YORK -- ImClone Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMCL) and Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, announced today that they have entered into agreements amending and supplementing the 1998 development and license agreement covering ERBITUX(R) and certain other work in the field of EGFR-targeted antibodies.
ATLANTA -- ImClone Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMCL) today announced findings from a Southwest Oncology Group randomized clinical trial (SWOG-0342) of ERBITUX(R) (Cetuximab), an IgG1 monoclonal antibody, in non-small cell lung cancer.
ATLANTA -- ImClone Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: IMCL) today announced promising Phase I data on two of the Company's fully-human, IgG1 monoclonal antibodies, IMC-1121B and IMC-11F8, at the American Society of Clinical Oncology 42nd Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA.