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Aguiling-Pangalangan made the presentation as a 'friend of the court' when SC tackled the rights of illegitimate children to claim an inheritance.
In the 2016 record released by the statistics agency in February 2018, Eastern Visayas had a total of 45,398 illegitimate children out of 74,725 children born in the said year, representing 60.8 percent.
After trial Vince and Mario were declared by the court as illegitimate children of Rommel because they are in continuous possession of the status of children of Rommel as shown by his direct acts of giving support and by other proofs indicating that he is really their father, pursuant to paragraphs 2 and 4 of Article 283 of the Civil Code.
Even after 1923, when women gained the right to divorce on the grounds of adultery, an investigation found one-third of illegitimate children lived with cohabiting parents and another one-quarter lived with the mother's parents or other family members (34, 36).
Mohd Azis Ngah in his report published in Berita Harian (March 22, 2010), stated that a total of 17, 303 Malay illegitimate children registered across the country throughout 2009.
Police said no one is arrested yet in relation to the three Indonesian mother and their illegitimate children.
Deborah Perkin, a former senior producer with BBC Wales, used her own funds to shoot a documentary about the plight of thousands of illegitimate children born every year who become outcasts in Morocco.
She had three illegitimate children of her own - a son who died childless and two daughters about whom there is little known.
The producers are to hold auditions in the city on January 5 in a bid to find local children to fill the roles of Ngana and Jerome, the illegitimate children of the character, Emile de Becque.
Through a very exhaustive analysis of judicial cases, notarial records, and archival materials from the Casa de Huerfanos, she shows how illegitimate children and their mothers navigated a changing and complex legal world, looking for a place in a society formally and informally defined by family and class hierarchies.
Coe was shocked at the revelation that Hyde Park fathered a total of six illegitimate children.
The word on the street is she did try to leg it before they tied the knot after discovering more infidelities and illegitimate children by her husband-to-be.