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adj not authorized by law; illicit.
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When the President orders troops into Columbia to start an illegal operation to knock out the drug trade, things escalate into a full scale terrorist battle between the murderous cartels and special ops' agents.
The illegal operation of Tymbos airport in the occupied areas has been blamed for the incident, which according to Civil Aviation officials was not an isolated one.
Occasionally the computer snarled at me, ``This program has performed an illegal operation and will be closed down,'' or translated incoming messages into hieroglyphics.
EIGHT men took part in an illegal operation to satisfy a fad for sheep which were cooked by having their skins scorched with a blowtorch, a court was told yesterday.
But the judge added that because of matters raised in the pre-sentence report on Jones and in other documents put before him, he could pass a more lenient sentence than a six year term he imposed last week on a Leamington businessman who had financed the illegal operation.
Everyone is more than welcome to be a good Samaritan and give them a ride for free, but when money enters the picture, it becomes an illegal operation,'' he says.
The witness also testified that Ramsey built a house with the proceeds of his illegal operation and estimated that he spent approximately $250,000 on the home.
does not condone the use of spam and demands that the responsible party immediately cease this illegal operation.
A BLACK Country cannabis grower who was rumbled when a police officer delivering leaflets noticed the smell of his illegal operation coming through his letterbox has been spared a prison sentence.
Unable to contact the tenants, he visited the address and stumbled upon the illegal operation.
Three other men, from Skelmersdale, Merseyside, were also arrested in connection with the illegal operation and were questioned in the North-west yesterday.
It was the vigilant efforts of the tribe's surveillance unit that put an end to this illegal operation.