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The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) said that newly-convicted Chinese drug lords have become the new players of the illegal drug trade inside the NBP.
He alleged that illegal drug trade in the state has flourished due to greedy politicians who protected the smugglers.
Though there were many Peter Lims in the Philippines, the Peter Lim who met with the President was earlier investigated by the House of Representatives when it looked into the illegal drug trade in 2006.
A delegation of seven international parliamentarians, including Europeans, who came to Manila recently said that killings in the country's campaign against illegal drug trade must stop.
During his message, after he condoled with the family of the late PO1 Gary Cabaguing, President Duterte ranted with his disgust of people involved in the illegal drug trade.
For Ledesma, six out of 180 barangays does not mean the entire city is heavily affected by the illegal drug trade.
They will take and legalize such measures as joint investigative works, exchange of operative information related to the transnational criminal drug groups and enhancement of the professional cooperation in the fight against illegal drug trade.
The illegal drug trade is the financial engine that fuels many terrorist organizations around the world, including Osama bin Laden," he explained.
We are caught, then, between the Kevins and the Launices, between the horror of drug abuse and the horror of the illegal drug trade.
The argument is even more compelling when you consider that terrorists like Osama bin Laden are heavily involved in the illegal drug trade.
It was up to the PDEA to disclose the names of officials involved in the illegal drug trade, he said.
MANILA, Philippines Four Southern Tagalog mayors have been added to the list of local government executives who lost their control over the police due to alleged links to the illegal drug trade.