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The act or intent (i.e., mens rea) of violating or breaking the law, or helping others to. Crimes are offences against society which may be punished by the state.
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Q. Does anyone have information on Bipolar "blackouts" or know what they're really called? My boyfriend is bipolar and experienced a blackout a few weeks ago during which he did something completely out of character. A crime was committed and he has since been arrested. He's having trouble coping as he has no memory of the crime. He was on Wellbuterin and a doctor prescribed steroids and vicodin for a crushed disc. The chemicals may have led him into this blackout. He is a wonderful loving person and is now facing a life sentence for this terrible thing that happened that he had no conscious control over. They will not continue his medications in jail and he is not receiving mental or medical treatment. Is there anyone out there that can help me find some answers?

A. i never heard of such thing. but there are strange results sometimes from mixing drugs that affect the central nervous system. here is for instance a web page talking about interactions between Vicodin and Wellbutrin.

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The sources advised the consumers to contact the company's Helpline-1199, operating around-the-clock, to report low gas pressure issue and any illegal activity like compressor use or tempering with meters, taking place in their surroundings.
While he did not elaborate on the details of the illegal activity, he did describe the boat as a panga -- a work boat often used off the coast of Mexico or Central America that is engine-powered and typically 25 to 45 feet in length.
"In the recent incident at Malda, a group of around 50-60 miscreants involved in illegal activity, not only pelted stones when challenged by the BSF jawan on duty at his post, but also tried to drag him towards the Bangladesh side of the international boundary.
He said operations will take place throughout the year, reaching inaccessible parts of the county's countryside to stop substantial environmental and habitat damage caused by such illegal activity and protect the natural beauty of Powys.
"Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a highly effective tool which roots out criminals using the road networks to further their illegal activity."
It applies to prevention, detection, investigation, prosecution and administrative and criminal sanctions for fraud and all other illegal activity affecting the respective financial interests of the contracting parties, as well as to the seizure and recovery of amounts due or wrongly received as a result of illegal activities.
"Tackling any illegal activity is important and I hope all councillors will support this call for funds."
Street-level illegal activity in diamonds and jewelry has increased, and the criminal and terrorist use of diamonds and gemstones has become the subject of many books and intelligence reports.
Commissioner Lancaster will also be reaching out to companies advertised on illegal signs to alert them of their involvement in illegal activity.
The aim of the Arrangement for the cooperation on joint prevention of illegal action in the import and export of food' is to improve exchange of information between China and the Commission on illegal activities detected during routine pre-export checks or other controls, so as to prevent and deter such illegal activity. Contact points for both sides will be established for the rapid communication of known relevant technical information concerning potential illegal activities in food trade.
For a while, the threat of litigation seemed to slow illegal activity. But now industry officials say file sharing is on the rise once again because students have found a new way to circumvent detection.
* Involves funds derived from illegal activity or is intended to hide or disguise funds derived from illegal activity;