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Stable fixation of the bone fragments is one of the most important principles in the Ilizarov technique [15].
Ilizarov technique of lengthening and then nailing for height increase.
Dr Sinclair plans to repeat the Ilizarov technique on the right leg as well by early next year.
The device had an 18 year history of successful clinical use using the principles of the Ilizarov technique for limb preservation and correction of deformity through reconstruction and restoring function using external fixation.
This frame fixation does not require meticulous preoperative work like that required in Ilizarov technique.
The Ilizarov technique performed in this series involved the application of a circular external fixator without the use of bone graft, and thus its main advantage was that it eliminated the need to expose the nonunion site, prevented further soft-tissue damage and avoided the morbidity and technical difficulties of potential bone graft harvesting.
The procedure, called the Ilizarov Technique, fixes a metal frame to the girl's leg to straighten the bones.
Thirty patients aged 21 to 60 years were treated for tibial nonunions by the Ilizarov technique and fixator.
Limb lengthening and deformity correction by the Ilizarov technique in type III fibular hemimelia: An alternative to amputation.
Dubai: Today, Judith Ratanayake, 12, will undergo a laborious and expensive surgery called the Ilizarov technique, a surgical procedure used to relieve the constant pain she lives in and, hopefully, add some height to her one-metre-tall frame.