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The dried ripe seed of Strychnos ignatii (family Loganiaceae). It is similar in its properties to nux vomica and is a source of strychnine.
[St. Ignatius]
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A homeopathic remedy prepared from the St Ignatius bean. It is used to treat extreme emotional tension not accompanied by the normal reactions of rage, bereavement and shock; it may also be used to treat hysteria, insomnia and mood swings, as well as tension headaches, sore throat and fever.
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(ĭg-nā′shē-ă) [L.]
The seeds of a climbing plant native to the Philippine Islands, which contain about 3% strychnine and brucine.
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* Ignatia Amara: As if a nail were driven through the side of the head.
* Ignatia Amara: Hacking cough that irritates throat.