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Immunofluorescent assay (IFA)

A blood test sometimes used to confirm ELISA results instead of using the Western blotting. In an IFA test, HIV antigen is mixed with a fluorescent compound and then with a sample of the patient's blood. If HIV antibody is present, the mixture will fluoresce when examined under ultraviolet light.
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ANSWER: The main reason for Ifa divination or worshipping is to give thanks to Olodumare, for making us to see the new odun Ifa day.
V) The documentation of ifa divination process has been passed orally all these years from superior to subordinate.
(2000) Ifa divination: communication between gods and man in West Africa.
Ifa divination is generally etiological and practically--oriented towards luck and health, while Jungian notions are more teleological and psychological (Matibag, 2000, pp.
Yoruba tradition, Ifa divination has the last word about communal activities.
She is careful however not to privilege Ifa divination over Obi divination.
Examples abound in the form of the spherical shape of most energy patterns which is said to be "represented in Ifa divination through the use of a two dimensional circle in the form of a tray (oponIfa)" Fatunmbi (1992: 3).
Outside the collection however are the Ifa divination materials, oponifa, irokeifa and agereifa.
The oponIfa (Ifa divination tray), has the head (ori) or North, furthest from the diviner.
The marks made at the end of the day look like broken intermittent lines and these are symbols of the odu, thrown up by the opele (Ifa divination string).
Again, the paraphernalia of Ifa divination is also very paramount in the healing process in the Yoruba medicine.
This is not a book for those seeking an introductory ethnography of Ifa in Cuba, nor answers to questions about who babalawos are, who consults them (beyond "mostly women"), nor how Ifa divinations matter in the Cuban context in any but the broadest ontological terms of being taken to be indubitably true by some (but not all) Cubans.