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A Belgian village that was the proving ground for the first modern (World War I) chemical weapons—chlorine, phosgene, mustard gas
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Yn ystod y penwythnos roedd dwsinau o seremoniau bach a mawr yn ardal Ieper.
AS MY gaze sweeps across the idyllic montage of grazing cattle, verdant pastures, sleepy hamlets and red- roofed farms in Ieper, it's tough to believe that this tranquil topography was the amphitheatre for blood- soaked battles.
In the first layoff round in August 2008, 190 employees in Ieper lost their jobs, followed by additional 115 job cuts in January this year.
Lambin (ed.), Dits de cronike ende genealogie van den prinsen ende graven van den foreeste van Buc dat heet Vlaenderlant van 863 tot 1436, gevolgd naer het oorspronkelijk handschrift can Jan van Dixmude (Ieper, 1839), p.
Picanol NV, a maker of weaving machines based in Ieper, Belgium, markets a variety of models, including a family of high-speed rapier looms sold under the name OptiMax.
Today, visiting the cheerful picturesque city that the Flemish-speaking Belgians call Ieper, it is hard to imagine that 90 years ago not a single building stood undamaged by shell-fire.
The one-day visit also saw the Queen attend a remembrance service at Tyne Cot cemetery near Ieper, held to mark the 90th anniversary of the First World War battle of Passchendaele which claimed the lives of tens of thousands of British forces.