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A Belgian village that was the proving ground for the first modern (World War I) chemical weapons—chlorine, phosgene, mustard gas
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January 2001: Pinguin opens a new warehouse-distribution center in Ieper, Belgium.
Terry Hatfield, Executive Vice President, added that the building program at Ieper will not only increase the plant capacity but also modernize its ability to produce advanced product technology.
s chapter 11 bankruptcy case is not a substitute for filing a claim with the Ieper, Belgium Commercial Court as part of the concordat proceeding.
The clock weight |from Ieper and (above) Eoka hand grenades and side drum
We will then travel on to tour the First World War battlefields in Flanders and the Somme, and to attend the Armistice Day ceremonies at the Menin Gate in Ieper on Tuesday, November 11.
The city of Ieper in Belgium exemplifies battleground tourism as it commemorates the centenary of World War Ithis year
It is hard to believe that Ypres - known as rs to the Tommies and Ieper to locals - was letely destroyed in the war.
Partner Logistics sites in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire and Gloucester, which maintain 150,000 pallet spaces at temperatures as low as -28[degrees]C, were part of a deal that also included Dutch sites at Bergen op Zoom, Waalwijk and Bodegraven, and the Ieper coldstore in Belgium.
Tu l i mi tref Ieper a'r gamlas lydan sy'n rhedeg i'r mr.
knowledge of the labels and packaging markets, strong R&D, Lean and experienced CtP manufacturing facilities in Ieper, and.
ADPnews) - Sep 15, 2009 - Belgian weaving machines maker Picanol NV (EBR:PIC) said on Monday it plans to slash 65 jobs at its headquarters in Ieper.