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A postindustrial metropolitan area—e.g., Cambridge, Massachusetts—which is dominated by knowledge-based enterprises and institutions, such as universities and research clinics
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The ideopolis, of course, might conversely suck energy from its neighbouring communities.
The report sets out a framework for council and regeneration chiefs on how to further boost the city's economy and move towards Ideopolis status.
He said the university was keen to develop this work: "Ideopolis is about cities of ideas and the university is interested in building on that.
NewcastleGateshead is identified as an "early stage ideopolis" ( a city which has made significant strides towards becoming an ideopolis with a great deal of positive change taking place over the last few years.
While Democrats portray themselves as champions of economic and social justice, they draw high levels of support from Blue-state and so-called "ideopolis" regions like San Francisco and Boston that are also high in inequality.
Prof Cannon, head of Liverpool-based economic unit Ideopolis International, said: "Liverpool is dominated by the public sector, which is depressing.
LIVERPOOL-BASED economics consultancy Ideopolis International has just completed a major research study of the economics of the America's Cup now taking place in Valencia.
In addition, as once-rural Republican counties like California's San Bernardino become part of the ideopolis, they, too, will begin to turn Democratic.
Professor Tom Cannon, head of locally-based economic unit Ideopolis International, argued that big business is leaving the city, fuelled by a fall off in skills, talent, leadership, enterprise and strategic planning.
They now require skill and consumer focus, resulting in those who are poorest being bypassed by economic growth," said Prof Cannon, chief executive of Ideopolis International - a research and development company focusing on regeneration and the economy
The eclectic mix seems to create an environment conducive to Democratic messages, even for those ordinarily resistant: One of the book's most compelling findings is that even white working-class voters who live in ideopolis counties tend to vote more heavily Democratic than those who don't.
Professor Tom Cannon, head of locally-based economic unit Ideopolis International, will say big business is leaving the city, fuelled by a fall-off in skills, talent, leadership, enterprise and planning.