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And in October of 2016, following the preliminary results of the HHS OIG ongoing review, the Senators again urged CMS and X12 to include device identifiers on health insurance claim forms.
ORCID identifiers are free for researchers, and signing up is quick and easy, simply requiring users to fill out a short registration form.
This means that the cable identifiers and test results for each project can be stored in one place and can be retrieved and used as often as needed.
The definitions of identifiers and digital identifiers were presented in the previous section.
Moreover, a number of globally unique identifiers of the devices like MAC Addresses, IMSI and IMEI numbers are common.
To support the CFPB, the MISMO Unique Loan Identifier Workgroup is an assembly of industry participants conducting an open discussion to address the issues related to loan identifiers.
More than 22% of the applications the Penn State researchers looked at could send unique identifiers — typically the IMEI identifier — across the network.
The ease that this can be done with negates the suggestion that the RFID in EDLs can assist border agents in guaranteeing that EDLs are state-issued; the ease of mimicking identifiers will require border agents to inspect licenses manually and guarantee their legitimacy to maintain border security.
Keywords: Learning Objects, Knowledge Repositories, Identifiers, Content-Negotiation, Education Informatics.
The average person uses identifiers every day without realizing it.
As mentioned, your legacy (previously used identifications) may be used in addition to the NPI to help health plans develop crosswalks from your old identifiers to the NPI.