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[4] CMC can be limited to skin and mucosa only or it may be associated with polyendocrinopathy, thymoma and KID (Keratitis, icthyosis, deafness) syndrome.
Colloidion baby is one of the variety of icthyosis and is inherited as autosomal recessive manner.
Data on skin discolouration and icthyosis attributed to clofazimine were not collected here.
Xerosis (53%), facial puffiness (33%), icthyosis (14%), hair changes (26%) were the main cutaneous manifestations.
Itching in HIV infected persons can be due to infectious causes (Dermatophytes, Parasites, bacterial folliculitis) or non-infectious causes (Xerosis, Icthyosis, exaggerated Insect bites, eosinophilic folliculitis etc).
13)ACQUIRED ICTHYOSIS: 7 cases of acquired icthyosis were detected in this study.