Referring to the now-standard computer design that enables the user to transfer, copy, open, close, and manipulate files and software programs while in the computer’s ‘root directory’, by pointing and clicking on an icon
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Noteworthy programming changes on H&K's new website include improved search or browsing logic; focusing now on icon-driven functionality and a "less is more" approach to site navigation.
Rather than translating everything in the language you are learning back into your native language, it uses an amazingly effective icon-driven approach which mimics how you learn languages in the real world.
Highlighting the icon-driven interface, Anderson said that the product was developed based on feedback from the field.
A color touchscreen display provides intuitive operation, with icon-driven menus and readily accessible applications and functions.
For better control, vendors offer a touchscreen that offers easy operability thanks to icon-driven instructions and onscreen prompts.
It comes with Sepro's Touch 2 control, which has a touchscreen and simple, icon-driven instructions that enable even inexperienced operators to create basic pick-and-place cycles by following on-screen prompts.
Creative people without prior 3D expertise will get icon-driven tools to experiment and play with 3D.
The solid-state, touch-operation control panel offers an icon-driven interface and multilingual help and auto-calibrate functions.
It features an icon-driven, intuitive user interface with drag & drop functionality, which enables both administrators and end-users to quickly master many tasks that were often out of reach to them on legacy PBX systems.
Mathey Dearman's CNC Saddle Machines use a simple icon-driven laptop computer interface and an intuitive on screen selection guide, to allow users to create an almost endless variety of straight cuts, miters, saddles, holes and special shapes.
Santa Monica US-based marketing communications agency Phelps said it created a recently launched personable and icon-driven "LAX is Happening" campaign for Los Angeles World Airports.