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A mummified body of a prehistoric human—circa 5,300 years old—from the Stone Age, who was discovered frozen in ice in the Ötztal Alps at the Austrian-Italian border, and is providing information on the early settlers in Europe. Ötzi was 46 when he died, and thought to either have been shot in the back with an arrow or died from a ritual sacrifice. He primarily ate primitive wheat, plants and meat, and wasn’t very healthy: he’d been seriously ill 3 times in the last six months of life; he had fleas, whipworm; the charcoal dust on his skin suggest that he tried some form of acupunture maybe for pain, possibly as a last resort
Tools and clothing Ötzi dressed in layers of sewn skins and grasses; he had an ax, a dagger, an unfinished longbow with arrows, a tinder kit for making fires and possibly some medicinal herbs
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