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, bar- [Gr. baros, weight]
Prefixes meaning weight or pressure.
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Behnam Gurbanzada, director - Islamic Banking at IBAR, said: "IBAR's Islamic division team have already accomplished a great deal in Azerbaijan by establishing itself as the first premium provider of Islamic banking services and creating a unique national brand that display's our country's potential for financial growth.
IBAR has a history of successful Shari'ah compliant investments in a variety of sectors including consumer and retail finance, Wakala funding, and leasing schemes in Azerbaijan.
Following the mapping rule, IObject, IFoo, and IBar are mapped to,, and, respectively.
Son pere de 68 ans, Candido Ibar, qui vit aux Etats-Unis, conduit une fois par mois pendant sept heures pour le voir, parfois moins de trois heures, dans un parloir oE les condamnes a mort et leurs proches se pressent autour d'une cinquantaine de tables.
Sd Azhari, vice-chairman of Blominvest Saudi Arabia, said it had arranged a real-estate loan of $77.3m for IBAR Development from NCB to build the project's residential villa component within three years.
TIPO: Chile, Ultima Esperanza, Lago Pinto, XII-1877, Henricus Ibar [Enrique Ibar], material estaminado solamente (holotipo SGO-PHIL-423; iso tipos BAA!
Apportioning to Serbia three municipalities in the north of Kosovo (Leposavi?, Zubin Potok, and Zve?an) around the town of Mitrovica, and the town itself north of the Ibar River, would remove a major obstacle.
According to PDSH, it is clear with all these arguments that the Ministry of Interior is trying to defend the persons under the pseudonyms "Uncle", "Mama", "Ibar" and "Bowman".
"Ibar" has still not settled down and the "Storm" began blowing strong enough to remind us of the "Mountain Storm" in the village of Brodec, says Olivera Vojnovska from Utrinski vesnik.
Before the stormy "Ibar" quieted down in its bed, its back was hit by "Vihor" (Whirlwind) that was strong enough to remind about the "Mountain Storm" that affected the village of Brodec on Sara Mountain three years ago.
Hundreds of people from the ethnic Albanian-dominated southern part of Mitrovica gathered to celebrate Turkey's victory on the Ibar river which separates the two communities.