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Although IVUS and FFR have long been available to augment angiography, legacy systems were cumbersome, and access to these systems was too limited to drive broader acceptance.
Hodgson continued, "The combination of more complex target lesions, concerns about late stent thrombosis, the launch of new faster, integrated IVUS and FFR technologies, and the growing awareness that angiography does not tell the whole story, has driven IVUS use dramatically higher in recent years.
Since any integrated IVUS solution interacts at some level with the x-ray imaging system, it's critical that the IVUS system has established compatibility with x-ray system vendors.
The Volcano Bedside Touchpad Controller is designed to operate beneath a sterile drape, allowing the physician to record IVUS runs, toggle between the different VH(TM) IVUS or ChromaFlo(R) functionality, confirm vessel and lumen borders and make detailed manual measurements without having to leave the sterile field.
InfraReDx's LipiScan[TM] IVUS Coronary Imaging System includes the first and only available catheter to combine both near-infrared spectroscopy (NIR) and intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) technologies to both visualize and characterize the intracoronary lipid core plaques (LCP) demonstrated to complicate stenting and suspected of causing the majority of heart attacks.
Increase Market Share in Existing IVUS & FM Markets
IVUS Catheter Usage - Comparison of Japan & Korea
Additionally, GE and Volcano today announced GE's plans to include the cabling required to operate Volcano's IVUS technology on all future U.
Our decision to include IVUS cabling in all future U.
With more than 1,200 Innova all-digital x-ray systems installed worldwide, GE is poised to facilitate greater utilization of IVUS to further guide patient management.
Volcano Therapeutics recently acquired the IVUS and coronary physiology measurement business units of JOMED NV.
IVUS also has shown promise for avoiding over-radiation of tissues, which the Cleveland Clinic researchers believe is responsible for causing tissue necrosis, which in turn leads to platelet aggregation and thrombosis.