IV tubing

IV tub·ing

Modality used to connect the bag of medication to the patient; either gravity driven or forced by a pump calibrated to give the fluids over a longer period.
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Sigma Spectrum also includes features like integration with electronic health record (EHR) systemsincluding Cerner[R] and Epicto help streamline clinical workflow and improve accuracy of IV infusion documentation, built-in real-time location tracking of equipment within a facility to protect against misplacement, enhanced data analytics and use of standard IV set technology that can yield up to 53 percent cost savings in IV tubing sets and 30 percent reduction in IV tubing use.
Tenders are invited for CareFusion IV Tubing and Sets
TPEs, however, are not easy to bond to other substrates, such as polycarbonate or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene connectors, which are widely used in standard IV tubing sets.
Jones also is in the process of getting FDA approval for SafeBreak, a safety device that goes in between the IV tubing and the patient's IV site and is designed to prevent the patient from pulling out the IV catheter.
In addition, because patients are not tethered to IV tubing and a pump for pain relief, ARX-01 allows for ease of patient mobility.
DualCap is a revolutionary infection-control technology that protects and disinfects both the needleless injection site and the end of the IV tubing.
The caps are made out of a nontoxic vinyl that is used in medicine, such as in IV tubing and heart valves, says Dr.
The medical supplies, valued at $217,525, include two EKG machines, blood glucose machines, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, syringes, IV tubing, gloves and thermometers, were donated by American companies.
David Russell, vice president and general manager, Perinatal Care, for Philips Healthcare, said that this innovative neonatal blood pressure solution, which replaces the standard, tapered male-female Luer connectors currently in use, is designed to be incompatible with other medical devices, such as feeding tubes, catheters, IV tubing, and needleless IV ports, thereby preventing misconnections that can cause patient harm.
IV bags, IV tubing, catheters, and endotracheal tubes are made of PVC.
Three of the grades (85 to 95 Shore A) boast high clarity for applications such as IV tubing, and the other two (57 to 60 A) are translucent and reportedly provide excellent high-temperature performance for autoclaving.
Hospitals also use and discard large quantities of petroleum-based processed and transported products, ranging from gels and lubricants to plastic dinnerware, syringes and IV tubing.