IV tubing

IV tub·ing

Modality used to connect the bag of medication to the patient; either gravity driven or forced by a pump calibrated to give the fluids over a longer period.
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Jones also is in the process of getting FDA approval for SafeBreak, a safety device that goes in between the IV tubing and the patient's IV site and is designed to prevent the patient from pulling out the IV catheter.
Contract awarded for iv tubing, crepe endotracheal tubes and paper for regional hospital of the quiche
In the study titled Promoting Safety by Standardizing Chemotherapy Administration Practices, a research team from Medical City and Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas, TX reported on an initiative "to reduce the risk of exposure to antineoplastic agents and promote workplace safety" that was begun following "an increase in chemotherapy exposures and near misses due to leaking from the injection caps and IV tubing.
In addition, because patients are not tethered to IV tubing and a pump for pain relief, ARX-01 allows for ease of patient mobility.
DualCap is a revolutionary infection-control technology that protects and disinfects both the needleless injection site and the end of the IV tubing.
The medical supplies, valued at $217,525, include two EKG machines, blood glucose machines, stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, syringes, IV tubing, gloves and thermometers, were donated by American companies.
This innovative neonatal blood pressure solution, which replaces the standard, tapered male-female Luer connectors currently in use, is designed to be incompatible with other medical devices, such as feeding tubes, catheters, IV tubing, and needleless IV ports, thereby preventing misconnections that can cause patient harm.
IV bags, IV tubing, catheters, and endotracheal tubes are made of PVC.
Three of the grades (85 to 95 Shore A) boast high clarity for applications such as IV tubing, and the other two (57 to 60 A) are translucent and reportedly provide excellent high-temperature performance for autoclaving.
In contrast to the LifeShield syringes, which are compatible with needleless intravenous (IV) tubing, intracardiac prefilled syringes are incompatible with needleless IV tubing and, therefore, the epinephrine could not be administered.
In clinic following this lab, a student had the opportunity to change her patient's IV solution bag and IV tubing.
The ability of IV fluid warmers to deliver normothermic fluids may be limited by several factors, including limited heat-transfer capability of materials, limited surface area of the heat-exchange mechanism, and heat loss after the IV tubing leaves the warmer (8-12).