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Abbreviation for:
insulin tolerance test
intent to treat
interdisciplinary treatment team
intestinal transit time
invitation to tender

insulin tolerance test



A test to determine a patient's hormonal responses to induced hypoglycemia. After 0.1 IU of insulin/kg is given intravenously, blood is drawn at regular intervals to measure serum cortisol in patients with suspected adrenal insufficiency or growth hormone in suspected growth hormone deficiency. The goal of the test is to stress the body with low blood glucose levels (> 40 mg/dl).


The test should be administered only by experienced professionals in order to reduce the risk of severe hypoglycemic reactions.

internal tibial torsion

; ITT ankle joint axis of <5° in relation to frontal plane, predisposing to chronic hamstring strain; an osseous condition causing tension on origin and insertion of hamstrings, especially during running
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