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The radical of isothiocyanic acid, -N=C=S.


(ī″sō-thī″ō-sī′ă-nāt″) [″ + ″],


A member of a family of compounds found in some cruciferous vegetables, as well as horseradish and mustards. ITCs have cancer-preventing effects in animals.


see allyl isothiocyanate.
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ITC handles the export of livestock feed, food grain, coffee, spices, fruits, prawns and other products.
The most important one is location, location, location--the ITC complex stretches from 23rd Street to 25th Street where Fifth Avenue and Broadway converge, is across the street from Madison Square Park and diagonal from the Flatiron Building.
36 Fed C1772 (1996), the court denied the taxpayer's ITC claims for certain costs associated with several hundred restaurant franchises the taxpayer owned and operated.
Boskwick says the next closest facility with the same services as ITC is in southern Ontario, which is significantly further away for northwestern Ontario clients.
After overseeing a $25 million refurbishment, Cushman and Wakefield is working with ITC management to aggressively market these programs, which have already played a part in the success stories for several businesses.
Once responses to the questionnaire are collected, the ITC puts together its final report.
Kenyon & Kenyon, one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the US, has expanded its International Trade practice to keep up with the growing volume of litigation before the ITC in recent years.
Arbuckle explains that the goals of ITC 2000 are not only to improve the amenities of the physical plant, but to cater to the specific markets of the industries by establishing more and better-targeted selling and buying opportunities year-round.
Designed for maximum performance regardless of text size, the ITC Officina Serif design is somewhat condensed to take advantage of space limitations.
Based in Novi, Michigan, ITC invests in the electric transmission grid to improve reliability, expand access to markets, lower the overall cost of delivered energy and allow new generating resources to interconnect to its transmission systems.
The Company is requesting the ITC to rule on a motion to enforce, a procedure that is generally less costly and more expeditious than trial proceedings.