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The radical of isothiocyanic acid, -N=C=S.
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(ī″sō-thī″ō-sī′ă-nāt″) [″ + ″],


A member of a family of compounds found in some cruciferous vegetables, as well as horseradish and mustards. ITCs have cancer-preventing effects in animals.
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argument that ITC decisions in favor of respondents are more likely to
"The commission is aware that disclosure of dutiable value data could help a competitor, in some instances and with the help of other data, gain insight into the dutiable value data reported by a petitioner," the ITC said.
ITC Travel Group also has offices in London, Harrogate, Bristol and Preston, and comprises multiple travel brands including ITC Sports Travel, Rainbow Tours and Regent Holidays.
ITC's 'Nation First- Sab Saath Badhein' philosophy underlines the Company's core belief in creating enduring value, for the nation which has led to innovation in business models that seeks to synergise the building of economic, ecological and social capital as a unified strategy.
According to the report, as part of the processes to establish TOAM, ITC plans to train National Focal Point officials on the use of the application, and also build capacity for other related areas including market access, trade map, e-learning courses and use other ITC Market Analysis tools.
Itani said that this financing reflects the high degree of confidence by investors and foreign banks in ITC's future vision, the Kingdom's telecommunications sector and the broader Saudi economy.
ITC Secure provides cyber threat advisory and managed security services to midsize and large enterprise clients.
The ITC said China has excess steel capacity and, faced with rising inventories, it has resorted to exports at low prices to reduce the impact.
Through this partnership, both firms have agreed to take ITC's SOC to the next level in-line with the latest global industry standards by deploying the most advanced worldwide security tools and highly qualified security experts.
Strengthening their partnership further, the two partners also announced three upcoming ITC hotels under Starwood's 'The Luxury Collection' brand in India, the company said in a statement.
Congress, however, has already authorized the United States International Trade Commission (ITC), located in Washington, D.C., to handle international cases by excluding from importation into the United States products that are produced as a result of trade secret theft.
Reviewing agreements to ensure proper protection of any trade secret or other confidential information provided to other companies; Ensuring proper documentation of issues relating to injury to a domestic industry; and Gathering other relevant information that will be needed once the fast-paced ITC investigation begins.