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Be aware, too, that an ISDN phone can talk only to another ISDN phone, which means you'll need to maintain your conventional analog phone if you want to continue to communicate with the nondigital world.
Previously, you had to be served directly by a central office switch equipped with ISDN capability.
Such statements include those regarding plans for an aggressive sales and marketing campaign and the plans to become a major provider of ISDN service, the anticipated signup of users related to the bridging or website membership services described, and market response to the ISDN offering.
That's a huge benefit because it essentially provides them all the advantages of one-stop shopping for total ISDN solutions.
ISDN provides cost-effective access to voice and data services over a single telephone line.
Paradyne's FrameSaver solutions with ISDN dial backup are already far superior to alternative router-based implementations," said Frank Wiener, vice president of Broadband Access Solutions at Paradyne.
There is a need to make ISDN real, and the DigiBoard IMAC product is a step in the right direction," said Ken Kretchmar, industry consultant at Action Consulting.
Acotec RAC ISDN is available for immediate delivery through OEMs and resellers at a price starting at $119 for one user version, and up to $5,895 for 100-user version.
Through our testing of the service -- and more importantly, by listening to our partners -- ISDN has moved not only into the realm of a viable architecture, but it has been transformed from a cutting edge' technology to a leading edge' competitive differentiator for business and government.
ARESCOM designs, manufactures and markets a complete line of high quality inter-networking equipment for ISDN, ADSL, and Ethernet environments.
Dialogic has more than four years of experience with ISDN and has installed over 300,000 ports of ISDN in Europe alone.