Intentional Relationship Model

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Intentional Relationship Model (IRM)

model developed by Renee Taylor, Ph.D., which involves 6 modes of interpersonal styles that are used in therapeutic relationships; modes include advocating, empathizing, collaborating, problem-solving, encouraging, and instructing.
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Specific audit information is also contained in the IRM and/or in the IRS's Audit Technique Guides (ATGs)-but nowhere else.
The main focus of DRM is to defeat copyright infringement by putting "digital locks" to rich media in business to customer domain, while IRM restricts itself to sensitive information exchange in business to business domain such as merger-acquisition plans, design blueprints, patents, financial statements and strategic business plans.
Inclusion of the Seclore FileSecure IRM solution thus addresses the incomplete security status provided by a DLP system.
At the core of any IRM system is the policy server where you define a set of rights as broadly or narrowly as you require.
IRM extends OpenLink's portfolio of products and strengthens domain expertise in the physical energy arena, says Hesselbirg, adding that IRM's products have been widely adapted in Continental and Eastern Europe and offers a product support center for German- and Russian-speaking clientele.
IRM have been planning to restructure for some time.
What does the IRM College DL look like to the faculty?
Pricing of the IRM product is based on a company's number of IP (Internet) addresses, Drake says.
However, crude oil, which is excluded from the IRM index as it would dominate movements in the trade-weighted measure, is forecast to see its price stabilise in 2003 before falling sharply in 2004.
It further required OIRA to develop and maintain a governmentwide strategic IRM plan and charged that office with responsibilities for general IRM policy and information technology.
For further information, contact IRM at 1800-533-2312.