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A small portable unit for storing and playing digital media, including music, videos, photos, podcasts, etc., produced by Apple since 2001
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iPod Anonymous also offers the iPod Engraving Utility and the iPod mini Engraving Utility.
Mr Jobs said he expected the ultra-light device, which is thinner than a pencil, to outsell the iPod mini and become the world's most popular MP3 player.
The chic, matte anodized aluminum case resists stains and scratches, all the while protecting your iPod Mini without the need of purchasing any additional accessories.
Now Altec Lansing does high quality, compact audio one better: introducing the next generation inMotion iM3 for the iPod family, including its little sister, the iPod mini.
Apple Computer's iPod mini player to go international July 24
Though some may balk at the $249 price tag, the iPod mini has managed to pack in the performance that you've come to expect from its larger sibling into a much smaller form.
The latest must-have gadget the iPod and its trendy miniature version the iPod Mini are freely available in store and around a third cheaper than the UK to boot.
Of course, that change may have had more to do with the introduction of the iPod Mini and its $249 price tag than the Neistat brothers' video.
With slimmed-down storage space of 4GB, the iPod mini holds up to 1,000 CD-quality songs and is available for US$249.
While Apple Computer Inc's new iPod Mini might have stolen the headlines from Macworld Expo this year, the company also used the event to preview its attack on the market for computational cluster grids.
The iPod mini has reappeared on Apple's online store, and its product page even says that it will starting shipping in 2-3 weeks.