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(in″tĕr-os′ē-ŭs) [ inter- + osseous],


Situated or occurring between bones, as muscles, ligaments, or vessels; specific muscles of the hands and feet.


(in″tră-op′(ĕ-)răt″ĭv) [ intra- + operative],


Occurring during surgery.
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If Apple does not release a fix for the iOS jailbreak issue, iPhone owners may have to wait until iOS 13.
Breaking this down, Wandera reports iPhones running iOS 10 can be used for 240 minutes on average before the battery dies.
There are 22 interdisciplinary teams working in the Garage in Bangalore, using end-to-end DevOps, IBM Design Thinking and agile delivery approaches to deliver iOS solutions in weeks, not months.
In addition, when selecting Recover from iTunes Backup File mode, users can extract the iTunes Backup File for all iOS devices, including the new iPhone 5S/5C and iPad mini 2/iPad Air.
According to our poll, 73% of Macworld readers are currently running iOS 6 on their devices, with more than half of respondents updating as soon as it was released.
Continuous system operation is based on the self-healing and self-defending capabilities of the IOS XR software, which is designed for always-on operation while scaling capacity and adding new services or features.
There's no guarantee this particular jailbreak will become public in the future, or that it'll even work once the final version of iOS 11 will be released.
New features added to iOS 9 include a number of functional improvements, App Thinning, Apple Music, photo filmstrip, six-digit Passcode, a revamped version of Notes in which you can scribble and format Headings and Body Text.
Monster iOS: A New Beginning is now available for sale via the Monster iOS website at and via iBooks.
The Apple iOS 13 beta is available for users of eligible iPhones.
We will guide you through an easy downgrade to iOS 10, should you feel that the iOS 10.1 is not your cup of tea.
15 -- A jailbreak tool for Apple's latest iOS 9 has been made available.