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IMPACT II is one of American education's premier soft interventions.
IMPACT II designates teachers who have developed better mousetraps for their own classrooms as "developer/disseminators" and awards them grants of from $300 to $500.
Rather than simply assuming that all teachers are the same or that adult-to-adult teaching and learning happen magically, IMPACT II manages the process.
However rare it may be to treat teachers so thoughtfully, IMPACT II's trainer/trainee processes and network building are consistent with what is known about the effective dissemination of new ideas.
From the beginning, IMPACT II accepted the discipline that comes from thorough evaluation and accountability.
IMPACT II grantees identify themselves as master teachers, and their colleagues agree.
The ability to get behind the classroom door was one of the original achievements of IMPACT II. Current grantees remain enthusiastic about their access to new ideas through IMPACT II, especially ideas for presenting materials and managing classrooms.
Because IMPACT II is consciously managed as a network, the average IMPACT II teacher talks to an average of 24 other teachers about his or her idea for a better mousetrap.
Since then, IMPACT II has grown to 26 sites, but it remains equally effective across urban and rural locales and in big and little schools.
IMPACT II continues to provide opportunities for leadership and professional growth within teaching.
IMPACT II has worked out a purposeful array of programs over its 15 years.
Teachers who feel positive about IMPACT II describe themselves as master teachers, feel emotionally rewarded by teaching, and feel that administrators treat them with respect.