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The main findings of this study include a relatively young population suffering from HF, with prevalent cases more likely to have DM, hypertension, IHD and more advanced disease.
who have reported higher (72%) prevalence of ST elevation MI in smoker IHD patients in comparison to non-smoker IHD patients.
All these Medical/ cardiac emergencies can occur during and after dental treatment9,10 MI and angina which are the manifestations of the IHD are the most common causes of death in USA.
Conclusion: The Pakistani cohort researched in this study plainly demonstrates blood group phenotype A is connected with an increased risk for IHD.
This is in contrast to the substantial overall decline in the ageadjusted mortality trend for men with IHD during the same period (178.
During the past 2 decades a high number of circulating biomarkers have been evaluated and proposed as potential tools for risk stratification in patients with stable IHD (Fig.
The occurrence of IHD was more prevalent among A, B, and AB blood groups than O blood group [Table 2].
ASDRs for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and renal disease by population group, SA 2010 Deaths/100 000 Population group population, n Black African Coloured White Asian Cardiomyopathy 26 5 7 6 Cerebrovascular disease 76 34 11 30 IHD 140 107 46 79 Other cardiovascular 64 43 15 57 Hypertensive heart disease 49 108 119 215 Diabetes mellitus 35 30 21 51 Renal disease 19 23 21 20 Note: Table made from bar graph.
It's designed to avoid overuse of costly noninvasive and invasive diagnostic testing, which has become common in concert with increasing physician awareness that the pattern of symptom presentation is broader in women than men with IHD.