International Federation of Competitive Eating

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An organisation that supervises, regulates and facilitates media overage of eating contests throughout the world, helping to ensure that the sport remains safe, while seeking to achieve objectives consistent with the public interest—namely, creating an environment in which fans may enjoy the display of competitive eating skill. The IFOCE liases with individual competitive eating venues and sponsors and helps organize a wide variety of competitive eating events
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And so the IFOCE sanctions a gamut of increasingly baroque competitions in fields such as cow brains, sticks of butter, and straight mayonnaise.
Shea Communications operates out of a loft space in Manhattan replete with hardwood floors and black-turtlenecked staff in ergonomic chairs, the typical offices of a boutique ad agency or some actor's production company (the IFOCE is itself represented by the William Morris Agency).
Although the IFOCE has refused Lipsitz's request for a sanctioned event between humans and canines, Lipsitz still trains with his dogs.