intrafollicular insemination

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intrafollicular insemination (IFI)

method of assisted reproductive technology in which semen is injected into a follicle.
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IFI assists all the companies they invest in by helping to clarify social missions, manage technologies, and achieve social and capital gains.
NETWORKING -- IFI networks with municipal and provincial women's organizations and government and non-government organizations to facilitate the coming together of women's organizations to pursue an advocacy agenda on people's issues, Cordillera development and the enhancement of women's leadership potentials.
should clarify the roles of the IFIs in adjustment lending.
Based in Wilmington, Delaware, IFI CLAIMS is part of the Wolters Kluwer Health Pharma Solutions division.
In the pilot phase of the IFI, 29 fitness facilities across England achieved in excess 32,000 separate visits to fitness suites by disabled people in a twelve month period.
IFI is not affiliated with a church, but is a subsidiary of Prison Fellowship Ministries, an international prison ministry founded in 1976 by Charles Colson, the former advisor to President Richard Nixon, who went to prison for his part in the Watergate scandal.
The six-day IFI general assembly and World Interior Design Congress will tackle the federation's objectives and look into future trends in the interior design industry.
Because the content of the specific IFI items is central to this article, we urge the reader to examine them at length.
If the principle is established that Congress can effectively compel the abolition of harmful IFI policies as the price of U.
recalls IFI Vice President Mike Welling with a laugh.
However, effective in 1992, a new set of standards will govern the nature, timing and extent of procedures to be applied by the independent accountant in conducting a review of IFI and preparing the report for such engagements.