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insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus; see type 1 diabetes mellitus, under diabetes. .

Patient discussion about IDD

Q. Women with diabetes are in general found with type 1 or with type 2 diabetes during pregnancy and why?

A. Women develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy and after pregnancy the gestational diabetes goes, if not this gestational diabetes has chances to develop into type 2 diabetes. A pregnant woman can also have type 1 and 2 diabetes equally and during pregnancy she may get gestational diabetes.

Q. Type 2 Diabetics solution My uncle is suffering from type 2 diabetics and i want to know that is there any permanent solution for type 2 diabities. Very worried about weight loss too. Any one there to give us a permanent solution?

A. Type 2 diabetes is due to improper use of insulin or insulin resistance.

There is a web site given below which provides information on alternative medicines for diabetes. Alternative medicines - ayurveda herbs, homeopathy, yoga and acupressure treatments.

Q. I’m having diabetics for nearly 12 years. Can I eat all types of fruits? I’m 60 years old male and I’m having diabetics for nearly 12 years. I’m taking meds and my sugar is under control. Everyday I have some fruits without fail. Can I eat all types of fruits?

A. Hello sir, surely you can eat any kind of fruit, regardless of the sugar content. The point is you need to spread across the amount of fruits you eat, including a wide variety of different fruits. In general everyone has to eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Spreading the fruit you eat through the day will avoid a sudden rise in blood glucose levels.

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Recordkeeping: Any insurance company that falls within the IDD should retain the underlying accounting documentation that would permit the LB&I examiner to reconcile the company's annual statement with its partial worthlessness deductions reported on the federal income tax return.
The outcome of health education of children and women in 2005 Population Number Knowing IDD Knowing iodized Mean group harm (%) salt can prevent score IDD (%) Children 555 24.
Many Cambodians disagree with the government's action to close the Net2phone shops, saying they will not be able to call their relatives or friends abroad as often because they cannot afford the charges of IDD lines.
RTP Pharma currently has several IDD based products in various stages of clinical development including fenofibrate, propofol, cyclosporine, and busulfan.
Dow Jones said it decided to sell IDD as part of a program of divesting noncore assets.
Through the efforts of charitable groups like Kiwanis, concerned companies like Morton Salt, and the generosity of ordinary people, IDD and the suffering it causes around the world can be ended.
Overcoming IDD by the year 2000 is a tremendous undertaking, requiring concerted efforts on medical, social, and political levels, as well as funding to implement the changes.
Slowly, but steadfastly, the rule of law in Idd reflected the values of the liberal and ultraliberal sects in Idd.
Pilot clients began using IDD Mobile in December 2011.
On the basis of products, the IDD market is segmented into instruments and analyzers, consumables (assays and reagents), and software & services.
The IDD community is abuzz with enthusiasm about the new clinic model.