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The GDPR applies to people, not organizations with fictitious names, but comes into play if individuals are somehow identified, according to ICANN.
This has led many supporters to hail the ICANN deal as a much better alternative than an immediate transfer to ITU.
Ted Cruz, who has previously called the handover a "giveaway of our Internet freedom"-argue that online freedom is in jeopardy and allege that authoritarian governments who are members of ICANN can inhibit freedom of speech on the Internet.
Commenting on the development, ICANN India Head, Samiran Gupta said, "The process of the US moving away is still on, but let's assume if it were to happen, the way you see ICANN today, what you see from the outside will not change.
They include the creation of a separate organization that would represent all of the various stakeholders and would have the authority to exercise and enforce the goals of the community, including the power to remove ICANN board members and amend ICANN's bylaws.
Computers typically communicate with each other using numeric addresses, while humans find it easier to use and remember names (for instance, users typically remember the domain name "ICANN.ORG" more easily than the Internet Protocol address, 2620:0:2d0:200::7).
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If ICANN stepped in and reassigned the domains on its own, that would disrupt everyone who uses a domain name that ends in those codes, including individuals, businesses and charitable organizations, the group said.
The proposed new corporation was called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
"There is still plenty of distance to travel" to work out solutions involving all the parties, admitted Sally Costerton, adviser to the ICANN president on stakeholder relations, but "we are very committed to advancing".
Icann, which oversees the domain-name expansion, has received a total of 1,930 applications for the new domain names.