intermittent assisted ventilation

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intermittent assisted ventilation (IAV)

a system of respiratory therapy in which assisted ventilation is combined with spontaneous breathing. Also called intermittent demand ventilation.
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Four coordinated, multisite production systems, each consisting of 1 MF farm that includes both gilts and pigs to produce replacement female stock, 1 GDU farm to raise replacement female gilts from 3 to ~26 weeks of age, and 4 BTW farms to raise pigs for meat, were selected to monitor the dynamics of IAV transmission in swine breeding herds.
T cells specific for a dominant IAV epitope (a viral nucleoprotein-derived peptide, [NP.
A major focus area for IAV is finding ways to bridge the gap between consumer and automotive electronics.
IAV has been developing innovative concepts and technologies for future vehicle generations for 27 years.
The independent CNDIDBA team performs the IAV compliance portion using the Secure Configuration Compliance Validation Initiative (SCCVI) tool.
The synergy of Comanche, TUAV, IAV, and FSCS performing reconnaissance as part of an internetted combined arms team, proved an effective force on the battlefield.
IAV was detected from nasal swab samples from pigs on 24 of 62 farms.
com)-- SABIC Innovative Plastics today announced its collaboration with IAV GmbH, a world leader in advanced vehicle and powertrain systems, to develop advanced thermoplastic solutions that can replace metal in electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid powertrain components.
IAV grows the best quality of grape varietals in the company's vineyards located at Bidar.
The centre has been running automotive industry conferences and seminars on the subject throughout Europe and it also works with German company IAV, a leader in complete vehicle engineering which helps manufacturers bring new models into production.
In the 2001 Defense Authorization Act, Congress required the Army to conduct "side-by-side" comparison tests between the platform selected as the IAV and the medium-weight combat vehicles currently in use by the service.