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IAN (indole-3-aceto nitrile)

a plant growth-regulating hormone.
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"If you could see Vich Ian Vohr with his tail on!--" But Vich Ian Vohr must always carry his belongings in some fashion, if not added as honor, then severed as disgrace.
"No American goes slow," said Ian Maclaren, "if he has the chance of going fast; he does not stop to talk if he can talk walking; and he does not walk if he can ride." He is as pleased as a child with a new toy when some speed record is broken, when a pair of shoes is made in eleven minutes, when a man lays twelve hundred bricks in an hour, or when a ship crosses the Atlantic in four and a half days.
We interviewed also through a grating in a mud wall closing a blind alley an immensely corpulent Ital ian, who, the ex-sergeant-major remarked to me perfunctorily, had "killed another man last year." Thereupon he addressed him as "Antonio" and "Old Buck," though that bloated carcase, appar ently more than half filling the sort of cell where in it sat, recalled rather a fat pig in a stye.
Ian worked with Abura in Tusker Project Fame, where she was the academy's principal.
Ian Rush said that he was amazed to see the affection for football in Lyari.
"Shameless" Season 9, episode 6 showed Ian preparing to head to jail.
Club president Ian and his beloved wife Elspeth celebrated their golden wedding anniversary and more than 200 family and friends turned out to celebrate the milestone with the happy couple.
Ian Spinks was travelling westbound on Longriggend Road during the early hours of June 13 when his bike lost control, with police revealing the 39-year-old dad "may have either hit, or swerved to avoid, a fence post on the roadway".
Two months ago, Pickett had burgled Ian's house and among the items he had taken were Ian's collection of silver cups, won for various sporting events when he was a kid.
Ian Stuart-Bride, an innovative bridal collection popular with quirky, modern brides, is only available in specially selected bridal shops and Brides of Chester and Brides of Liverpool have now been selected to house Ian Stuart's unique collection.
Williams, an Oxford graduate, made six appearances for his club, who said in a statement: "It is with great sadness that Doncaster RFC announces the passing of prop forward Ian Williams.
"Ian collapsed at training at Castle Park this morning and, despite the best efforts of the emergency response team, could not be resuscitated.