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Denoting the shift of an absorption spectrum maximum to a shorter wavelength (greater energy).
[hypso- + G. chroma, color]
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Nevertheless, the substitution of dye 6e by a OCH 3 group (6b) showed a largest hypsochromic shift of 21 nm.
Next, from the date in Table-3, these dyes are further characterized by the hypsochromic shift observed with an increase solvent polarity (negative solvatochromism).
It is apparent that the bands corresponding to n-Pi and charge transfer transition [19] exhibit a hypsochromic shift in DMF relative to THF except for dye 6d.
The results indicate that the introduction electron-donating group (OCH 3 ) into the diazonium component results in hypsochromic shifts in DMF while they result in bathochromic shifts in THF.
CF, DCM) show hypsochromic shifts in comparison to polar solvents.