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[sup.11]C-pPIB also revealed significant intergroup differences, with regions of hypoperfusion in the STG, inferior temporal gyrus, SPL, and PCC, which is consistent with previous studies using [sup.99m]Technetium-single photon emission computed tomography showing specific patterns of hypoperfusion in parietal-temporal cortical areas [41, 42].
Due to the arterial collaterals supplying the pancreas, it is likely that hypoperfusion may not be the only factor at play.
Combined brain imaging using MRI and PDG PET could be helpful to assess concomitantly some degree of diffuse but reversible cytotoxic edema (MR diffusion-weighted imaging), more probably due to hypoperfusion together with life-saving diffuse cerebral hypometabolism (FDG-PET) preventing the development of irreversible ischemic damage.
It is caused by systemic hypoperfusion, or it may be caused by decreased perfusion from the hepatic artery and/or portal vein.
Start with a subjective assessment of skin temperature to identify hypoperfusion in intensive care unit patients.
"There's also the idea of hypoperfusion, where you're just not getting enough blood to certain areas of the brain."
Type A lactic acidosis is commonly due to marked tissue hypoperfusion, whereas type B lactic acidosis is found without tissue hypoperfusion (1).
However, the duration of aphasic symptoms (time since stroke) did not correlate with reduced perfusion, suggesting a stable state of chronic hypoperfusion in chronic aphasia [11].
Because naphazoline is a strong agonist of peripheral [[alpha].sub.2]-adrenergic receptors, hypercoagulopathy may result from peripheral vasoconstriction, hypoperfusion, and subsequent hypercoagulation and microthrombus formation.
Globally, regional CBF maps depicted by ASL may show both hypoperfusion or hyperperfusion areas at a global or localized scale, located in brain structures involved in different cognitive functions (Table 1).
In previous studies, it has been suggested that poorer BRS status was observed in PD patients [3] and produced hypoperfusion of vital organs [4].
It is caused by long-term or chronic cerebral hypoperfusion, and it manifests as a group of persistent or progressive cognitive disorders.