hypervitaminosis D

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vitamin D intoxication

A condition that occurs in those who either self-prescribe megadoses of vitamin D or consume excess dairy products.

Clinical findings
Anorexia, headaches, muscle weakness, nausea, thirst, organ damage (heart, liver, kidney due to calcium deposition); infants given excess vitamin D may develop atheromas, mental retardation, facial dysmorphia, kidney damage, infections, suffer failure to thrive, or die.

hypervitaminosis D

Vitamin D toxicity, see there.

hypervitaminosis D,

n the toxic effects of ingesting large amounts of vitamin D. Manifestations include symptoms resulting from hypercalcemia, impairment of renal function, and metastatic calcification.


a condition produced by ingestion or injection of excessive amounts of vitamins; symptom complexes are associated with excessive intake of vitamins A and D.

hypervitaminosis A
occurs mainly in cats, and is caused by a long-term diet consisting almost entirely of liver. Affected cats show neck pain and stiffness caused by a deforming cervical spondylosis. Other joints may be similarly affected. There is also hyperesthesia, irritability, anorexia, weight loss, and sometimes neurological deficits. Premature loss of teeth has also been reported.
hypervitaminosis D
caused by overdosing with vitamin D preparations as in milk fever prophylaxis and inappropriate treatment of disorders of dietary calcium and phosphorus, by errors in a diet mix, and oversupplementation of small puppies and kittens. Causes dystrophic soft tissue calcification, particularly nephrocalcinosis with subsequent renal failure. See also enzootic calcinosis.